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Download Benubird PDF

Download Benubird PDF
Benubird PDF is a program that helps organize the collection documents stored on the PC, with the aim of facilitating faster access to them.

It is common to have document files, such as manuals and tutorials downloaded from the Internet and stored in different folders, often producing duplicates, or making it difficult to search when you want to consult a particular topic. It is possible to add tags to documents to improve their classification and indexing.

With this application you can organize all the documentation in one place, and catalog it for faster access. It has a friendly interface, and has filters and search techniques that help you find the requested material in less time.

It supports PDF files, and documents compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. Access document metadata, and edit or add information. It brings a tool that allows to convert to PDF from other formats.

Benubird PDF is the new 2012 version of this software that can now be downloaded for free. Works with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32-bit, 64-bit).

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