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Download AVI ReComp

Download AVI ReComp

AVI ReComp is a program that allows you to change the size and resolution of videos and movies in AVI format, besides adding subtitles, converting audio, adding a fixed logo to the video, and several other options.

AVI ReComp is actually a package that includes other applications and codecs needed to recompress the videos, but the sequential execution of those applications is responsible for the program, and the user should only select some parameters, such as the size of the video to Recompress, your audio, subtitles and other values.

Among the applications included in the package are VirtualDub Mod, and AviSynth also for XVid codec.

As for subtitles, the application allows you to add them in various formats, such as SRT, TXT, SUB, SSA, ASS (Advanced SubStation Alpha), and.IDX (VobSub), among others; But if you add them in SSA or SSA format, you have a tool to edit their size, font, color, shadow, and so on.

The procedure is as follows: In the main window you must select the source AVI, you must enter the name of the output AVI and its size. In case of adding subtitles, go to the "Add" tab and check the "Enable / Disable" box, and then indicate the path where the file with the subtitles is located. In the "List" tab, the video is added to the list and clicked to start the execution. AVI ReComp takes care of the rest.

AVI ReComp 1.5.5 is the latest version, updated in June 2012, of this software that serves to reduce the size of films and to add titles to them; Which can be downloaded free to use in Windows, being available in several languages, including Spanish.

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