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Download ArgoUML to create UML diagrams

Download ArgoUML to create UML diagrams
ArgoUML is a program used to create UML diagrams (used in modeling software systems). It complies with the UML 1.4 standard and is open source, being free. In addition, it uses open standards: XMI, SVG and PGML.

UML is a language that allows you to specify, construct and document systems; And ArgoUML provides tools for designing UML diagrams. It supports several types of diagrams: class diagrams, activity diagrams, state diagrams, use case diagrams, collaboration diagrams, sequence diagrams, and so on.

The interface is quite intuitive, allowing you to easily add classes with their respective attributes and methods, and then the relationships that exist between the different classes. The diagrams obtained can be saved as images, in various formats, then easily included in a document or a web page, or prepared for printing.

ArgoUML allows you to generate code in various programming languages, such as Java, C ++, C # and PHP. It also offers the possibility of reverse engineering.

The application allows you to save diagrams in PGML (.pgml) files, model information in XMI (.xmi) files, and global project information is saved as an own file, with extension .argo.

ArgoUML 0.34 is the latest version available, which was updated in December 2011. It is multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) and can be downloaded for free. It is translated into Spanish languages.

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