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Download Ares Optimizer free

Download Ares Optimizer free
Ares Optimizer is a program that, as its name suggests, is used to optimize the performance of Ares, the popular program for sharing and downloading files.

This plugin tries to improve to the maximum the configuration of the Ares, trying to obtain a greater speed of download, to reduce the waiting times to start to download the files, and to solve the frequent connection problems that many users have, reason why they usually consult us.

The new version presents a renewed and simpler interface. It has 3 sections: "Optimize the Ares program", "Optimize P2P connection", and "Reduce waiting time". It reaches with selecting one of these functions and then clicking to start the evaluation process, thus obtaining solutions to the problems encountered.

Ares Optimizer 5.0 is the latest version (updated in May 2012) of this recommended application for those users who want to improve performance or troubleshoot connection problems. You can test it and tell us the results. The program is free.

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