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Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a program that allows you to obtain information about a computer network, with the possibility of scanning hundreds of computers belonging to the network in a few seconds, and performing various actions, such as turning off or turning on other PCs remotely.

This tool provides a detailed list of information, including the name of the network, IP and name of each connected computer, name of groups, devices sharing, mac address and other data. It is possible to enter a range of IP addresses, so that the application is in charge of informing which of those IPs are switched on and connected to the network.

It also allows other tasks, such as pinging and telnet to the other computers belonging to the network, accessing FTP servers on other machines, and more.

Through this application it is possible to know who are connected to a Wi-Fi network and therefore to know if there are unauthorized users who are using part of the bandwidth.

The data of the results obtained can be exported to HTML (to see how web page), or to CVS (to open as a spreadsheet).

Advanced IP Scanner documentation is available in Spanish, with video tutorials and manuals that explain in detail the steps to follow in each of the functions included in the application.

Advanced IP Scanner 2.2 (2.2.224) is the latest version, updated in May 2012, of this free network software for use with Windows (XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7). It is available in Spanish.

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