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Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is the beta version of a new product designed to create and design websites easily, without having to have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 or Javascript. The management is totally visual, so do not write code, but this does not mean that you can get pages in HTML5 that look professional, with navigation menus, galleries, embedded multimedia, widgets and more.

Compared to other Adobe software, Muse is more like an InDesign type editor than a web editor like Dreamweaver. It does not even work as an editor since it does not allow you to open previously created sites, but creates them from scratch.

To start creating a site, you must define the page dimensions, the margins, the number of columns and the width of each page. In the main menu there are 4 tabs: Plan, Design, Preview and Publish.

Adobe Muse
  • Plan: to plan the site.
  • Design: to design the site and distribute the different elements that are added.
  • Preview: to instantly preview what is being designed.
  • Publish: to publish the site directly to a service that Adobe provides, or to export to HTML5.

All styles that are defined, whether text, color, shading, rounded effects, etc. are automatically reflected in the code of the CSS3 file associated with the site. All elements that you want to add should be selected and dragged to the design page, and then moved to the location you want within each page. For more information, there are tutorial videos available on Muse's website.

Adobe Muse 2.0.945 is the latest stable version, which is available for download and evaluation in Windows or Mac, in Spanish.

This program runs under the Adobe AIR environment, therefore it is necessary to install it in advance. The same installer of Muse checks the existence of AIR in the PC and installs it in case it is not available.

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