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Zune Software for Xbox Music

Zune software is a program that allows you to manage the collection of music and videos, similarly to Apple's iTunes. It also lets you transfer and synchronize multimedia content between different devices (PC, laptop, tablet, XBOX, phones) and create playlists compatible with Windows Media Player or iTunes. Through Zune Music + Video it is possible to play music and videos, also download and buy.
Zune Software for Xbox Music

Microsoft has released a new service called Xbox Music, which replaces the previous Zune, but which can be managed through Zune software for both the Xbox 360 console and PC or for devices with Windows Phone. This music service intends to compete with iTunes, also has a streaming system to listen to songs, similar to Spotify, and another radio (Smart DJ) similar to Pandora.

Smart DJ allows you to listen to songs as if it were an online radio, but with the advantage that it can be customized according to musical tastes and a list of favorite artists, with the possibility of listening to new artists suggested by other users with similar tastes.

Xbox Music Pass replaces Zune Pass Music, but users who have purchased a subscription will be able to keep it for the new service, which has been optimized for Windows 8 and for Windows Phone 8 (in addition to Xbox 360), but Can continue to be used on laptops, PCs or tablets with Windows 7, or on mobile phones with Windows Phone 7. The monthly subscription allows you to listen to music without batches of advertising, whereas in the case of not being subscribed you can listen for free (with advertising).

To create an account on Xbox you must access the official site.

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