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WiFi Guard to detect intruders on the WiFi network

WiFi Guard to detect intruders on the WiFi network
More and more households have an internet connection via WiFi, and although users usually apply the usual security measures for these cases, such as adding an encrypted WEP, WPA or WPA2 password, there are programs Sophisticated applications that attempt to calculate and decrypt such passwords and violate access to the network. It is recommended to select the WPA2 encryption option if the router supports it, or in default WPA, but avoid using WEP, because it is the easiest to decrypt.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a portable application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, which detects the presence of intruders trying to access the WiFi network to steal an internet connection, or, even worse, to access personal data and files.

This software is responsible for scanning the network from time to time for the devices that are connected to the network, through the router, listing the following data: IP address, MAC address, computer name, information and name of the manufacturer.

In case a device is in the white list (notebooks, telephones, tablets and other devices that have already obtained access permission to the router) they appear with a green icon; While the new connected devices will appear with a red icon, but they can be authorized by selecting the "properties" option and checking the box "I know this device", if known.

Otherwise, if the device or mobile device is unknown, its MAC address can be obtained to block it from the management panel of the router. You should consult the help of the router model that is available to know how to block a MAC address. It is likely that if it is a relatively new model, it already offers a function to control the connected devices and allows them to be blocked, then this application will not be necessary; But if you do not have that feature, WiFi Guard can be a good solution to get rid of intruders. As long as you do not know how to restrict your access, you can change the password as a faster measure.

Within the program options, select the corresponding network interface, for example: Wireless G USB Adapter; Also the time elapsed between each scan, and finally to alert the user to a new connection detected. The interface is in Spanish.

Latest version: 1.0.5 
Date: September 2014

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