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Volume adjustment application

Volume adjustment application
Volume 2 is a program that adjusts the volume of the system, which works as an alternative to the traditional Windows panel to make sound adjustments.

The interesting thing about this application is the customization capacity it has to assign keyboard shortcuts or to assign functions to the mouse or a combination of these (for example by moving the wheel and pressing the Ctrl key) to lower or raise the audio volume during the Playing music or videos or while playing. You can also schedule a configuration change at a specific time and even the execution of another application.

In turn, this program allows you to define shortcuts to apply other settings or to perform certain actions, for example to change the brightness of the screen, to restart or shut down the system, or to open the CD or DVD drive.

Another element that can be modified is the OSD (On Screen Display) which is the icon that appears on the screen when the volume is regulated. There are different designs (skins) to select, some of them very well achieved, similar to those that present audio players like AIMP or Winamp. It is also possible to modify OSD icons for other system actions and add others, for example, one that shows the status of the battery in case of having a portable device.

Volume 2 also adds a side menu that is displayed and visible by bringing the mouse pointer to the edge of the screen. From this menu you can access all its functions.

The settings panel includes an audio mixer for more specific changes. There are native applications of certain notebook brands, such as Acer's Launch Manager, which have similar functionality, but if you do not have such software installed on your computer or a keyboard with dedicated multimedia features, Volume 2 can Be a good choice to control the audio of your computer.

Volume 2 (also known as Volume Sqr or squared) is the latest version, available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) in Spanish for free download.

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