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Troubleshoot your computer with Fix it

Troubleshoot your computer with Fix it
The solution center Fix it is a Microsoft site that offers an application package to solve various problems that may occur on the computer, whether hardware, operating system, Internet Explorer, Office, XBOX and other elements.

Inside the site is very easy to look for the problem that may be occurring in the system. First of all, you should choose the appropriate category, for example Windows, to display a series of possible common errors, along with a download link to download the executable that will be responsible for analyzing and solving that problem.

For the case of Windows there are solutions to problems such as:
  • Optimize Windows and improve boot performance when PC is slow
  • Maintenance of the hard disk
  • Troubleshoot files and folders when you do not walk or take too long
  • Repair your DVD or CD drive when you do not read discs or do not record correctly
  • Troubleshoot hardware problems when the device is not recognized (USB, sound, video, bluetooth, etc.).

The user will be able to find and find diagnostic and repair applications for other common problems that happen with the operating system.

The other categories offer applications capable of fixing problems such as:
  • Multimedia content that does not open with Windows Media Player
  • Optimization in the startup of Internet Explorer and diagnosis of the complements that slow down the browser.
  • Analysis of possible problems with the Windows firewall
  • Diagnostics and Correction When Some Software Can not Be Installed or Uninstalled Correctly
  • Fix when a PowerPoint attachment can not be opened from Outlook or Hotmaol
  • Problems with printer drivers and other peripherals connected to the computer
  • When it is not possible to open a Word document or it opens as read-only and can not be edited
  • Restore TCP / IP Protocol Settings When You Can not Connect to the Internet

As can be seen, the number of applications offered is very varied and can be helpful to the user in case of an inconvenience that can not be solved, either because Windows alone is not able to correct or because the help it offers is not Effective.

The Fix IT Solution Center contains applications running on Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and other editions of the Microsoft operating system. All of them can be downloaded for free.

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