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TomTom HOME is the application required to manage and update the GPS navigation devices of the TomTom brand. The connection is made through a USB cable connected to the PC, or directly through the online services.

Thanks to this software it is possible to keep the GPS navigator up to date, upload maps and access the various services offered, such as traffic information in some cities. Some of these services can be accessed for free, while others have a cost. Among the premium content are a few fun alternative voices (such as SpongeBob SquarePants and several other characters) for navigation, the location of speed cameras that control traffic, a hotel reservation system, and more. There are other new services such as audiobooks that can be read by the browser while driving.

The Home application also serves to support the contents that are stored in the device as well as its configuration, which can be useful in case of acquiring a new GPS or having several of them. It is advisable to create backups periodically.

In the official site you can consult a series of tutorials that teach to install the application and that help to perform the different functions, as is the case of the download and installation of the maps.

TomTom HOME 2.9.4 is the latest version, updated in February 2013, available for both Windows and Mac, which can be used on any device of this renowned brand of GPS navigators for cars. Some of the supported models: GO, ONE, RIDER, START, NAVIGATOR 7XL and XXL.

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