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The Hunter

The Hunter
The Hunter is an online role-playing game that consists of hunting and fulfilling certain missions, which increase their difficulty, and after achieving them, you can acquire better weapons and equipment for hunting.

To play you have to register on the official page and create a character to be able to enter the different scenarios, such as forests, reserves or archaeological ruins, and start to hunt the animals that are presented.

The Hunter is a game realistic and understand fighter who'll appreciate and enjoy it. From the clothing and the different elements, such as traps to prepare, ammunition and weapons to use. In addition, real events such as the climatological inclemencies (fog, wind, rain, etc.) and other natural factors that may influence the best or worst aim to achieve. All this helped by the excellent 3D graphic quality that the game has.

Hunting can be quiet at the beginning when you have to hunt animals such as deer, but it can become dangerous for the hunter when you have to go for prey like wild boar that can attack it.

In this latest edition has been incorporated online game, with up to 8 participants at the same time hunting as a team, making hunting adventure more fun.

The new 2014 client version of The Hunter (2014081901) can be downloaded for free. The file to download is 1GB and the minimum hardware requirements are as follows: 3 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM and 256 MB video. You need to register in advance.

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