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Sunrise Calendar for Chrome and Cell Phones

Sunrise Calendar for Chrome and Cell Phones
Sunrise is an application that allows to manage a calendar from the browser Google Chrome (in Windows or Mac) and from mobile devices (Android, iOS), so that it can be used both on the PC and on the phone and it is possible to synchronize the information.

The application is compatible with Google Calendar and can work both online and offline (without internet connection ). It allows registering events, tasks, notes, appointments or any date you want to schedule, as well as birthdays and other events in the Facebook calendar, among other possibilities.

Sunrise is also compatible with iCloud, for Mac, iPhone or iPad users who use that service in the cloud and keep their calendars updated and synchronized with other devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops) that are not necessarily Of Apple (Windows, Android, etc.).

This program stands out precisely for its compatibility with several platforms and with several services, such as those already mentioned, and with several more, for example: Evernote (a software to manage notes and documents), Foursquare, Github, Trello, LinkedIn and Twitter, among others.

The calendar design is very well done, practical and intuitive; The view in the web browser offers an option that shows a week, but it is also possible to select several days or a whole month. The user can enable notifications and alerts for certain events, so that he is warned a time before, predefined by himself (5 minutes, 30 minutes, etc.). It is possible to attach maps (from Google Maps) with geographic locations associated with a certain event.

The disadvantages that we find in this application, and hopefully in the next versions can solve them, is that it is not yet in Spanish, in addition to needing more widgets (and better quality) for mobile editions. In turn, some users might be interested in Exchange and Outlook compatibility for the web edition with Chrome (yes compatible with iOS and Android apps), Lotus Notes and other calendar services.

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