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Steam Game Manager

Steam Game Manager
Steam is a program that allows you to manage a game publishing service that has an online store with thousands of titles. It allows you to buy, download and enjoy the games, but also share experiences and play within a community of users from all over the world that already reaches about 40 million people.

Steam offers the latest news and recommendations of the games that are published in your store and makes available the new updates. In addition, this manager provides the user with a good amount of services, such as group text or voice chats with other players, access to the list of friends that are connected, possibility to give content to friends, access to criticism, recommendations, Reviews, complete reviews and demos to download, along with several more options.

The list of titles is organized according to the genre, counting on a wide catalog of action games, strategy, role, races and several other categories. There are the most recognized development companies, such as Valve (the creator of this manager), but also independent creators who can exhibit and disseminate their works.

There are a variety of free video games (featured as Free to Play) available to Steam users, but you can also find good deals among those that are paid, cheaper than other ways. Users can pay for the contents through credit or debit card, PayPal and other payment services (both virtual and physical).

As for the platform Steam can be highlighted its very good interface, its ease of use, but as a disadvantage you have to mark that they can slow down in some execution during the plays when you do not have a suitable equipment. At least 512 MB of RAM and a 1 GHz or faster processor are recommended.

Steam is the latest version. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, with the possibility of playing on the computer but also on a TV or a mobile phone. The titles that are multiplayer can be executed in different platforms according to the preferences of each participant. It is possible to play on the PC while chatting via the Android phone.

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