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Search and delete repeated photos with Visipics

Search and delete repeated photos with Visipics
Visipics is a program that helps to search and eliminate repeated photos on the computer, either to gain disk space or to better organize the collection of images stored by the user.

It is often the case that the same pictures are transferred from a digital camera or cell phone more than one time to different folders, and that they are duplicated. It is also possible that there are other causes that lead to save the same image in more than one opportunity, such as when they are downloaded from Facebook, or received by mail, or as a result of poor synchronization between different devices, or when they have Disorganized backups, etc.; And it is in these cases that this application can be useful to do a good cleaning.

The interesting thing about Visipics is not only its function of searching for repeated photos, but also that it has an algorithm capable of recognizing cases in which the image is the same despite having a resolution, size, format or name that do not match . Such cases can be given when formatting is converted or when the size of the files is reduced or when they were saved with a different name at every opportunity. It can be identified even when small editing changes have been applied or when the user has taken several similar shots with his camera.

The procedure is to indicate the path where the files to be analyzed are located, either the root of the disk or a set of folders can be specified. You must select the filter type, but you can leave it in "Basic", and then you must press the Play button to start processing. After the analysis the results are obtained, and the user must decide which photos to erase, if he keeps the one with the highest resolution or both, etc; Or you can decide to move them to other folders to group those that are the same or similar.

It should be noted that when the Delete option is used, the repeated files are sent to the recycle bin. The interface is in English and it is recommended to pre-read the help.

Given that the processing is somewhat complex since several filters are applied, the times reached in an important collection (of a few thousand files) are quite acceptable, although of course it is recommended to use a PC with dual core processor and more 1GB of RAM.

Visipics 1.3.1 (its latest version) supports the most popular formats (JPG, GIF, PNG and PCX, among others), so you will not miss any photos to the recognition scan used by this software. It works with Windows and can be downloaded and used for free.

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