Sunday, 14 May 2017

Scientific calculator to graph functions

Scientific calculator to graph functions
Microsoft Mathematics is a program that complements and enhances the scientific calculator that comes with Windows, adding tools that may be useful for math students who have to perform more advanced arithmetic operations, solving equations or graphing functions in 2D and 3D.

This application includes a set of mathematical tools that can be applied in different areas of science, such as physics, chemistry, statistics, trigonometry, algebra and calculus. It also has a unit converter (length, area, power, speed, etc.).

The use of the application is very simple, since it allows the student to easily enter the equation to be solved, and later obtain its graph. It has a set of controls to customize the display of the graphs obtained, which allow you to adjust the area of ​​graphing, zooming and plotting.

Mathematics can be used to verify the results obtained when trying to solve the tasks manually, but can also be helpful in solving problems and in understanding mathematical concepts. For example, it allows to perform operations with matrices, to use both real numbers and complex numbers, to obtain formulas and theorems, etc.

Microsoft Mathematics was included in MS Encarta Student (known in English as "Microsoft Math"), but now it has been released and offered free to install on Windows. It is similar to other mathematical software that we have already presented ( Winplot or Math Mechanixs), but in case you need to solve integrals or more complex numerical computation problems, you can use GeoGebra or Octave.

Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 can be used with any version of Windows (32 or 64 bits), and requires.NET Framework 3.5.

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