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Remote control of the PC with the phone

Remote control of the PC with the phone
Remote Mouse is a program that allows remote control of the PC from a mobile phone or from a tablet, wirelessly, with the ability to simulate the movement of the mouse or to replace the keyboard of the computer.

The objective is that the user can initiate any action on the PC or Mac. In case of using the touchpad it will be able to click or double click, scroll and drag elements; And in case of using the virtual keyboard is going to be able to enter text. This will allow you to browse, select music, play movies or perform any other activity, but with the advantage of doing it as if it were a remote control or remote, very useful when you are comfortably in bed or on a sofa, With the PC connected to the TV.

To use this application it is necessary to install both the desktop version and the version that corresponds to the mobile device (iPhone, iPad or a cell phone with Android or Windows Phone). It works via a WiFi or 3G connection. Once both computers are connected to the same network, the phone must be pressed "Auto Connect" or enter the IP of the computer.

It has some other functions, such as password protection, remote shutdown of the computer, support for multiple touch gestures, configuration of shortcuts using a combination of keys, and so on.

Remote Mouse 1.09 is the latest version of the desktop version that can be installed in Windows or Mac OS X, while downloads for the mobile platforms mentioned are also available. For example, if you have a Windows PC and a Samsung phone, you must download the executable for Windows and click on the icon corresponding to Android to access your download from Google Play.

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