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Recover files from a USB stick with ActiClean

Recover files from a USB stick with ActiClean
ActiClean USB is a program that allows to recover lost files and folders hidden in USB flash drives, inconveniences that usually occur due to the action of a virus that is filtered when connecting the device with an infected PC. It is common for files to be changed by shortcuts.

This application not only recovers files, but also is responsible for cleaning and optimize the memory, in addition to applying an antivirus that is responsible for scanning and look for malicious files that could be a threat to the integrity of the device and against computer security To which it connects.

ActiClean is installed on the PC or laptop, and acts whenever a memory is connected through the USB port. After scanning and analyzing possible problems, it displays a list of files and folders that can be recovered, as well as detecting and eliminating any virus or trojan. It can be used as a complement to any other antivirus installed on your computer.

The cleaner is responsible for removing shortcuts and junk files that may have been left behind by some malware, and allows you to recover photos, videos and documents that may have been hidden and inaccessible in flash memory.

The pendrives contain a text file called Autorun.inf that contains execution lines, and that therefore is the means used by the viruses for its action. While this tool prevents this problem, it can also be solved manually, following the following steps: a folder is created in memory and named Autorun.inf, and then 3 text files named RECYCLER, DRIVER and RESTORE (the.TXT extension is removed).

The company that has developed this software offers in turn a tool called USB Master Clean, more complete (but not free, as it is ActiClean), ideal to install in cybercaf├ęs or in study centers where they usually connect several pendrives.

There are similar applications that we have already presented, is the case of Mx One Antivirus (serves to protect other external devices, such as phones, MP3 and MP4 players, disks, etc.), Panda USB Vaccine and Ninja Pendisk, among others; And other security utilities that allow to restrict the access to the pendrives with password, as it is the case of USB Flash Security and of Rohos Mini Drive.

ActiClean USB is the latest version for Windows, which can be installed on XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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