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Read Kindle books on the PC

Read Kindle books on the PC
Kindle for PC allows you to read on the computer or laptop with Windows e-books that were created to open on Kindle devices created by Amazon. While these books are optimized for reading on these special tablets, not all users have one, so an alternative is to open and read books directly on the PC thanks to this application.

Amazon already has a database of more than 1 million e-books that are available to users to buy from the Kindle store at a low cost, and thousands of classics that are free because they have prescribed the rights of Author. The user can request the first chapter of a book, without cost, and then decide if he wants to buy it.

Kindle has a technology called Whispersync that allows you to synchronize between different devices registered by the user, so you can read on a PC, a Mac, a Kindle tablet or a phone (Android or iPhone), and resume reading On some other device on the last opened page. In addition to remembering the page number, it is in charge of synchronizing the bookmarks, notes and other elements.

This reader includes some very interesting functions that help the reader to better understand the texts, for example, direct access to an integrated dictionary, before any word whose meaning or definition you want to consult. You can also do quick searches within the book, for example to remember any situation that has to do with the current plot. You can write notes or comments in any sheet or chapter of the book, and consult them at any time, as well as underlining text.

In turn, it includes other functions that help improve the display of texts according to user preferences, for example, you will be able to see in full screen, adjust the brightness, change the background, modify the size of the letter, etc.

The application also serves to organize the personal library and categorize it according to themes, authors, languages ​​or other particular interests.

Kindle 1.10.6 is the latest version available for download for free and install on Windows (XP, Vista, 7).

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