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Program to create a meme

Program to create a meme
IMeme is a program used to create a meme, which consists of an image associated with a phrase whose purpose is to convey some concept or ingenious idea. They are usually used to parody any situation through humor, mockery or absurdity, applied to some theme or character of the moment. The idea is that memes can be sent through social networks, with the possibility that they may become viral contents.

The success or popularity that a meme can reach will depend on the ingenuity of its creator, but its creation can be very simple thanks to tools like iMeme that facilitate the design of the images. While it is possible to obtain a similar result using a graphic editor, this application offers the user templates and tools to create this type of objects in a few steps and without complications.

iMeme includes several templates that achieve different designs, which varies the position of text, colors, fonts and other components. In addition you can customize the size and alignment of the text.

The user must select a photo or drawing, you can even choose any of the images available in the gallery that comes with the application; Then you must choose the template, add the text (header and / or footer), make the settings you think convenient and finally save the result in any of the supported formats, or can be copied to the clipboard (to paste into a document or Edit with another program), or directly can be sent to print.

It is also possible to send the obtained image directly to an image publishing service, so that it can be included in a web page or send its link through social networks. To post to Twitter, Facebook or Google+ you can simply select the PNG or JPG file that has been previously saved to disk, but it must be done from their respective panels as it lacks a direct publishing tool from the application.

There are Android apps similar to this one, and even online web services that offer the same function, but for PC or Mac you can use this tool that is very simple, fast and stable.

IMeme 1.0 is the latest version of this memes generator software that you can download for free to install on Windows (XP, Vista or 7). Mac OS X is also available.

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