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Program PINs for saving passwords

Program PINs for saving passwords
PINs is a program that allows to save and manage the passwords required to enter the email accounts (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.); Also allows to save the Facebook password in a secure way, as well as those corresponding to other social networks and other websites that request it.

The advantage of this manager is that it saves encrypted keys, using a powerful encryption algorithm (Blowfish up to 448 bits) that is very difficult to crack. To enter the application requires a master key that the user must remember, but you will not have to remember dozens of passwords that will be well protected.

The use of this tool avoids having to keep the secret keys in a text file (something easily accessible for third parties), and avoid having to use the "remember password" option offered by browsers, something that may be comfortable but for nothing sure. For greater security, in case of leaving the program open inadvertently, after a few minutes, the master password is requested again.

In addition to the usual passwords, users often use very sensitive data, either to enter a bank account, to enter a web server, or for any other service that may involve a significant risk of violating that privacy. PINs not only saves this data, but also generate strong random passwords that use all kinds of symbols, which means that they can not be discovered with brute force methods either.

It is advisable to let the generator itself that is integrated with PINs determine the keys, never use short keys or manually enter text that is easy to deduce. The longer and more complex the words, the greater their security and encryption level. It is recommended that they be alpha-numeric, include special symbols and be at least 15 characters long.

The application itself is very simple, it has a very simple interface, but it is very intuitive and easy to use. For each new entry you can enter, in addition to the user data and url, additional information that the user can serve for some reason.

Another feature that is fundamental in this type of security software and that PINs have it, is the fact of portability, so it can be saved on a USB stick and run automatically on any PC or laptop, without having to install it On that computer.

It presents some interesting functions that serve for a better management: categorization and organization with tree structure, reminder of keys that present an expiration date, key history with previous records for each entry, is multi-user, allows import / export of Data, includes a search engine and more functions.

PINs 4.50 is the latest version of this free security application, for Windows. For the latest versions of the operating system may not work properly, in that case we recommend using the program Keepass.


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