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Program for managing restore points

Program for managing restore points
Restore Point Creator is a program that allows to create and manage restore points in Windows, which are necessary to return to a previous state of the system when a failure occurs, either by the action of a virus, or after a system update Or an application or a driver that caused Windows to not boot properly.

Windows already includes a tool to restore files and system configuration, but this application that we present today facilitates that task and offers greater control over the restoration process.

To create a restore point, you must run Restore Point Creator and name that task, and then click on the "Create" button to give way to its generation; Or you can directly press the button "Create System Checkpoint" to generate the backup without having to assign a name, since the tool itself does it.

In the main interface you have access to a list with all the previously created points, with the possibility to activate any one of them: simply select one of them and press the button "Restore System to Selected System Restore Point".

A typical practice that may justify having to resort to this application may be the following: when the antivirus is going to be updated, it is previously created a restore point, preventing that, in case of an unforeseen, it must be returned to its previous version. This procedure prevents you from uninstalling the antivirus, searching for an older version, downloading it and then installing it; Which would obviously require more time.

A function that can be useful is the task scheduling , which allows you to periodically establish the creation of restore points automatically; For example, once a week, daily, etc.

Restore Point Creator 1.3 Build 2 is the latest version, available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. This program can be downloaded for free and used without restrictions.

Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 is required.

You can choose between the executable edition or the portable edition. The latter does not require installation, it simply decompresses and runs.

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