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Program Files To Phones to send files via bluetooth

Program Files To Phones to send files via bluetooth
Files To Phones is a program that allows sending files to mobile devices, via Bluetooth, from the PC or from a laptop. It has the advantage, regarding the connection through the common driver for bluetooth, which allows to transfer more than one file at a time, to multiple devices.

The application is responsible for detecting all devices (cell phones, smartphones, other laptops or netbooks, etc.) that can be connected to the computer using one of the following drivers: Microsoft Bluetooth, Toshiba, WidComm or BlueSoleil; Supporting up to a total of 7 devices that are within the coverage area covered by the bluetooth signal, and which in turn are properly authenticated.

The user has a fairly easy-to-use panel, where you must select all the files you want to transfer to the devices, and you must select the devices to which you want to send each of those files that have been selected, specifying the folders destination.

Files To Phones lets you send all types of files to your phone, such as photos, videos or songs; And also allows the sending of vcard, a format for the exchange of information and personal data, with the advantage that this program has its own editor for vcards able to import and open.vcf files and other formats, or create a New vcard from scratch.

In case you do not have a USB cable to use the specific software for a particular brand (Nokia, Samsung, Sony, etc.), or if they do not support the transfer through bluetooth technology, Files To Phones can be a Good alternative to try.

Files To Phones 2.1 is the latest version of this software that can be installed for free on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

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