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PrivateFTP to transfer files

PrivateFTP to transfer files
PrivateFTP is an FTP program that includes the client and the server, to transfer files between one or more computers on the network that have the FTP client, from (and to) another computer that has the FTP server installed.

PrivateFTP has a file explorer that lists both the files that are on the server and those located locally on the user's computer, and the idea is that they can be transferred from one side to the other (client-server), Either to send local files to the server or to download files from the server to the PC. It reaches with dragging a file from one window to another so that the transfer begins.

Both the FTP client and its server stand out for being very easy to use, with simple interfaces and in Spanish, that do not require advanced knowledge for its management. In addition, they consume very few resources and are both portable applications.

Possibly the user is only interested in having the FTP client to be able to upload files to a remote server where your website is hosted. For that case we recommend another software called Filezilla, more complete and with more options than the PrivateFTP client; But if the idea is to transfer files via FTP in a network (intranet) or remote (via the internet) between 2 or more computers with Windows, this application may be a good choice.

From the server application you can take control of the IP addresses of the clients to which you want to allow access, with the option of setting a password so that the connection can be validated. In turn you can set the permissions that each customer will have about folders (create, delete, rename) and files (run, delete, rename). Therefore, who manages the server must know the IP number of the client's computer, and in turn must provide the server IP, port and password, so that it can access remotely. Once the connection is established, you will be able to access the file explorer and begin to make transfers.

The server administrator can set which folders to share and in turn can define a maximum number of connections.

PrivateFTP 1.4.14 is the latest version of this network software that you can download free to install on Windows.

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