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PoliFix to remove the virus from the police

PoliFix to remove the virus from the police
PoliFix is a program capable of eliminating the virus of the police, which is an infection of the type ransomware that has become habitual in the last times, and that consists of a notice that appears in screen, containing the logo of the Police, In which he tries to intimidate and extort the user by arguing that he has detected his visit in certain adult sites or with illegal content, or accusing him of sending SPAM.

Obviously the message is false and it is not necessary to send the requested money, but equally it is a very annoying virus that can end up blocking the computer once the operating system boots.

PoliFix can be applied on any variant of this virus, since different infections have been detected in several countries of Europe (including Spain) and Latin America (among them Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Uruguay).

This tool is responsible for unlocking the virus and repairing any changes made by the same, either in the Windows registry or in files of the system that can be altered. The entry point of this infection may be due to an outdated version of Java, therefore the user is warned to update with the latest version of that product. It should be mentioned that the latest version of Avast antivirus has added a tool that warns against any new version, not only Java, but other software that may pose a threat to the security of the system.

Infospyware, the creator of Polifix recommends following the following procedure: Download the executable in a USB (or pendrive), start the PC in " safe mode ", connect the pendrive and run this cleaner. For more information you can consult the page of Polifix.

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