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PicMonkey photo editor for Chrome

PicMonkey photo editor for Chrome
PicMonkey is an extension for Chrome that allows you to edit the photos
on the fly, instantly and without leaving the browser, avoid having to save the images and then use an external editing program.

The procedure is simple since there is an icon corresponding to PicMonkey on the top bar of the browser, which must be clicked to display a gallery with all the photos of the website that has open in that tab. Both the images and a capture of the page appear in a side window, having to select some of them to be edited or simply to be saved without performing any type of retouching. The editing mode opens a new window with the image in the main sector, accompanied by a sidebar to the left with all the editing tools available.

This online photo editor offers multiple editing options, some basic that can be used to resize photos, to retouch or crop; And other more advanced that allow to apply effects and filters to give a new aspect to the faces of the people or to any image that has been selected. It is possible to superimpose images, add objects, deform faces, correct defects, enter text, draw, place frames and several more options.

The list of effects is very complete and allows you to apply them instantly, after adjusting some parameters (if necessary), achieving amazing results that are worth experimenting with. Without leaving Chrome and without resorting to more sophisticated software you can get photos with retro look or fun effects, such as Halloween.

PicMonkey has for some time offered a very interesting online editing service that can be used in any browser, but those who use Chrome will be able to benefit from this very useful extension.

PicMonkey 1.4 is the latest version of this extension that can be installed without cost, having as a requirement to have installed the Chrome browser.

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