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PhoneClean to optimize the iPhone

PhoneClean to optimize the iPhone
PhoneClean is a program used to optimize iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, in order to free up storage space and improve performance, so that iOS goes faster.

This software includes several cleaning tools that act similarly to some applications that we have already presented for PC, such as CCleaner; First scan the device for files that take place and are no longer needed, and then takes care of removing them.

Candidate files to be removed from the system may be temporary files that have been left after installing applications or updating the operating system, also files that have accumulated during Internet browsing (cache, cookies, scripts, etc.) or downloads that Have been truncated. After the scan is finished, the number of files that can be deleted and the total space that can be cleared, as well as other details, are displayed.

Both the analysis and the deletion of files involves pressing a single button, so it is a very simple application that does not require any special configuration, but that fulfills a function that is really going to be noticed, mainly when Is executed after having used for a long time the phone or the tablet without having applied actions tending to achieve a cleaning. If you notice the iPhone slow or there is not enough space in memory can be a good practice to use PhoneClean. A quick cleaning or a deep cleaning (which takes longer processing time) can be applied.

This program can be used not only to delete unnecessary files, but also to delete other types of files that may leave a trace of the sites where you surfed, or received emails or any other personal information that could compromise the user's privacy. The removal is final and can not be recovered, something that is possible when they are manually deleted. For greater peace of mind, PhoneClean creates backups before deleting the data, which can be saved and restored at any time.

It is also responsible for eliminating duplicate contacts on the iPhone, or old calendar notes that otherwise would have to be removed one by one

When you connect your PC or Mac to the iPhone, you will not only be able to clean the junk filesystem, but you will be able to analyze all applications running in the background and determine which ones can be closed for more means. Another very useful feature is to clean and optimize other applications to run faster, including those that have been installed on devices that have jailbrake.

PhoneClean 3.2.0 (your latest version) can be run from Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) or Mac (10.7 / 10.8 / 10.9) and connect with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, just like iPad, IPad 5, iPad Mini, iPod touch (1 to 5). It is available in Spanish.

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