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Perfect365 photo makeup program

Perfect365 photo makeup program
Perfect365 is a program that allows you to retouch and make up faces within any photograph, with the possibility of experimenting with different make-up, and whose objective is not only to see which one is better, but also to improve the personal appearance of the photograph.

The most interesting thing about this application is the ease with which you can modify a face, without the need for knowledge of graphic tools, having options that are easy to apply in a totally intuitive way.

Perfect365 allows to apply shadows, bases, lipstick and other elements corresponding to a set of makeup, which together will be able to correct wrinkles and conceal dark circles, skin blemishes and other imperfections, but also allows to improve the Smile through a teeth whitening.

This software is able to detect and recognize faces within a set of photos, including when the person uses glasses; Therefore it is possible to locate and improve the set of images in which the user appears. Each image can be improved and saved in a format of 600 by 600 pixels, and in case of using a larger original, it will only be possible to maintain it if a license of the premiun version is obtained; Otherwise you can use this version without cost with that limitation regarding the final size.

It has a "before / after" button that faces both photos, precisely to compare the before and after the application of the effects. On the left is a series of default templates, and on the right are listed all the functions and changes that can be selected.

Perfect365 is available for Windows, with the following requirements: Windows XP (SP2 or SP3), Windows 7 or Vista (both 32 or 64-bit); Processor at 1GHz or higher speed, and RAM of 1GB or higher.

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