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Optimize WiFi connection with WLAN Optimizer

Optimize WiFi connection with WLAN Optimizer

WLAN Optimizer is a program that helps optimize the internet connection via WiFi , after correcting a set of problems that can arise while the user is connected, and whose solution implies that you can navigate faster. Interruptions may occur during a TV broadcast, while playing a YouTube video, during a Skype session, or while playing online. In these cases, a good measure can be to try with this simple but useful tool.

As a first step to take, the application suggests testing with disable automatic network configuration; Then recommends to disable the automatic search of networks , which is in charge of detecting new signals, and that it is no longer necessary to continue running in the background when a signal is already available; And finally you have the possibility to activate the "streaming mode".

The 3 options mentioned are available in the control panel, under the Settings tab (Tweaks section):
  • Disable autoconfig: Checking this option disables the automatic configuration (you must have system administrator permissions).
  • Disable background scan: Selecting this option disables the signal search.
  • Enable streaming mode: When this option is checked, the transmission mode is activated.

The Status tab graphically shows which options are enabled, which are inactive and which are not supported (either due to incompatibility of the operating system or because no system administrator privileges are available). The user can activate each option one at a time and verify that the latency of the signal is improving. You can perform speed tests or you can simply upload a video and compare how long your full charge takes in each case.

Another important point to keep in mind is the need to correct any incompatibility between the WiFi adapter and the operating system. In turn, it can negatively influence the fact of not having the appropriate drivers. We have mentioned configuration and software problems that may affect a wireless connection, but we have made sure that the user has previously ensured that the interruptions in the connection are not due to hardware, router, modem or hardware problems. Internet.

In the WLAN Optimizer panel you can configure the automatic startup of the application when Windows starts, or you can uncheck that option and run it manually when it is convenient. It is important to note that when the program is closed, it returns to the previous configuration of networks, without any changes.

WLAN Optimizer Version 0.21 Alpha is the latest version, which works correctly with Windows Vista and with Windwos 7, whereas in the case of trying to run it under Windows XP you may notice some limitations, since you can not apply all mentioned functions.

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