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Open multiple Skype sessions

Open multiple Skype sessions
Multi Skype Launcher is a program that allows you to open several simultaneous Skype sessions on the same computer, something that can not be done using that application.

There are multiple reasons that may lead you to want to open more than one account at a time , either because one account is personal and the other is work, or because more than one person uses the same PC, or for some other reason. The same thing happened with its predecessor, MSN (or Windows Live Messenger), and for this reason there were applications like Polygamy that were used to open several sessions at the same time.

The configuration is very simple, since it simply requires adding Skype users (clicking the Add button) that they want to use. There is an option to run this program at the start of Windows, but for this it is necessary to uncheck the option (in the same Skype panel) that starts it when the operating system is started.

The interface of this add-in includes only the Add button, since the rest is advertising another application, called G-Recorder, that serves to record sessions and to add other functions to the popular software for calls and videoconferences of Microsoft.

Multi Skype Launcher 1.8 is the latest version of this application that runs on Windows XP, Vista and 7; And you can download it for free.

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