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Melodyne, song-arranging program

Melodyne, song-arranging program
Melodyne is a powerful audio editor that allows you to arrange songs and correct the voice of a singer or a speaker, showing time grids so that the user can modify both the pitch and pitch of each of the recorded notes.

The main advantage of this application with respect to other editing software is precisely the possibility that the user has to correct those notes that have not reached the

desired tone, in order to obtain a better tuning and an optimum tonal height. This is easily accomplished by dragging (up or down) the points within the time grid representing the values ​​of the different notes.

Melodyne also allows to edit and correct the sound of the musical instruments present in a recording, having the ability to adjust their tempos and their rhythms. For example, it is able to adjust and several cycles of a battery.

While this program may be somewhat complex at first, due to the large number of options offered, there are manuals and tutorials in Spanish containing a complete and detailed information, which help to better understand its operation. Musicians or sound engineers interested in trying this tool surely already have the experience and knowledge necessary to quickly get good performance, but in turn should not offer too many complications to ordinary users.

Some of the functions explained in the tutorials are: Learn to handle the tuning controls and formants when an arrangement is made, edit the breath in a vocal performance, add a second voice to the song, get only the voice of a part Of a song (a capella interpretation), add echo effects, distort the sound of an electric guitar and export sounds to the MIDI format; In addition to everything that has to do with the visualization and adjustment of the scales.

Melodyne is the latest version available for Windows (7, Vista, XP) or for Mac OS X, being a complete evaluation version (for 30 days), with all its functions enabled and without any restrictions during that period.


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