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Media Go for Sony brand devices

Media Go for Sony brand devices
Media Go is a program that allows you to synchronize music, video and games, between PC and devices of the brand Sony, such as the PSP, WALKMAN, and some models of mobile phones such as the Xperia Sony Ericsson and W995, among others; And in this latest version is also compatible with Sony Tablet.

This media player and player allows you to drag files from your Windows browser or from applications like iTunes to the compatible portable device. Synchronize playlists and podcasts.

As for photos, Media Go has some useful editing tools, to trim, to adjust colors, to correct defects, and so on. In the case of videos, allows them to convert to the ideal format used by the connected device.

It has a tool to rip music CDs and transfer to the PSP, cell phone or WALKMAN, in MP3, MP4 or FLAC format.

Media Go allows you to connect to Sony Ericsson online stores, such as PlayNow, to purchase content.

To achieve a better organization when you have an extensive collection of music or videos, it is recommended to categorize and divide into playlists. The lists can be created manually, or on the contrary, appeal to the technology of SensMe of Media Go, able to generate them automatically according to certain factors like, for example, the mood of the user.

Media Go 2.7 is the latest version of this official Sony software that you can download free of charge. This version incorporates the possibility of creating backups, in order to support the information and media files stored on the Sony device. It also adds the possibility of wireless connection and synchronization through the media sharing.

Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 - 8.1. It is available in Spanish.

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