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Learning to program with PSeInt

Learning to program with PSeInt
PSeInt is a program that helps to learn to program because it offers tools that try to teach the student to understand the fundamental concepts that should be applied when creating an algorithm and also to build pseudocodes.

A computational algorithm is constructed from a set of instructions that converge in the solution of a problem. PSeInt intends the student to learn to write a pseudocode that follows the logic of the algorithm to be solved and to become familiar with the basic concepts, such as variables, expressions, operators, assignments, control structures, data structures, etc.

It should be noted that the pseudocode is a high-level description that must be understandable regardless of the programming language that will later be used to write the program. First you must understand the basic concepts of programming, then start writing pseudocodes, and then you will be able to delve into the specific syntax of languages ​​such as Java, C, PHP or Pascal, among others. PSeInt includes a tool that translates pseudocode to code in C ++ language.

PSeInt includes an algorithm editor that presents some very useful functions: automatic indentation, autocomplete of commands, template of commands, colored differentiated of syntax, etc.

The application allows the design of graphic diagrams to represent an algorithm, known as flow diagrams , that allow a better reading and understanding of the incidence of the different control structures that are presented throughout the program, whether the conditional instructions Or loops.

Once the code is written, the user can execute the algorithm to verify its operation and check if the expected behavior is fulfilled, being able to see the errors that occur during the execution.

On the official site there are some videos that show more characteristics about the operation of the application, its interface, how to edit flowcharts and the use of the rest of the functions.

PSeInt 20131008 is the latest version of this multiplatform software (Windows, Linux and Mac OS X) that can be downloaded for free in Spanish.

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