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Learn English with Fleex watching videos

Learn English with Fleex watching videos
Fleex is a video player, based on VLC, which adds some functions that allow you to learn English while watching a video or movie spoken in that language.

While watching a film or television series in English, it is usually intended to get Spanish subtitles for better understanding, especially when the language is not sufficiently mastered; But when you already have enough knowledge to understand reading, you can use this application that seeks and integrates English subtitles instantly, using the service of OpenSubtitles.org.

Being able to read the instant translation of the dialogues in English helps to learn or improve the correct pronunciation of the language. When you do not understand a word or phrase you can pause playback and directly access its definition or translation, which is instantly displayed on the screen.

To use this service you need to register on the creator's official website. Simply enter an email address and password, or it can be accessed through the Facebook, Twitter or Google user. The user will have statistics on the progress made during his apprenticeship. When it is accessed for the first time a work plan is elaborated according to the period of time that the user intends that it happens before beginning to see films without subtitles. According to that time, Fleex suggests the daily time that the user must invest watching videos, films or TED conferences.

Fleex also supports other languages, therefore it can be used to watch films in French, Italian, German, etc.; But also in Spanish, which can be used for foreigners learning Spanish, or for subtitling films whose audio is not entirely clear because it originates in another country or region of Spanish-speaking.

We have already recommended VLC, an excellent player that does not require codecs and supports most existing formats, so if you do not use this program for the purpose of learning, you can simply get a recommended multimedia tool.

Fleex 2.3.1 is the latest version of this software available for both Windows and Mac or Linux. Both your download and the service offered are free.

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