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Kinovea, sports analysis program

Kinovea, sports analysis program
Kinovea is a program that allows play sports video in slow motion, with the aim ofanalyzing various aspects of performance of the athlete, which help correct errors and improve the technique used during training or competition.

Slow motion allows you to change the playback speed and reduce it by up to 1% or increase it by up to 200%. The image can be enlarged through its zoom tool, which offers the option of focusing on an area of ​​interest, for example, to capture in greater detail the movement of the arm during a throwing ball or some other object.

The application allows you to add measurements to the images, whether angles, coordinates or distances, which can be very useful for the analysis performed by the trainer, for example, to measure the length of each step or a path, or to measure the Angle of shot used by an athlete. You can also insert a stopwatch to the image, to measure the time spent in a race or the time of a play. The trajectory of a ball, object or person can be marked to be drawn a wake that accompanies its evolution; To do this, select the option "Follow the path".

Kinovea support can be applied in different disciplines, for example: soccer, athletics, motorsports, tennis, swimming or other sports .

It supports several formats of input, therefore it does not limit the user when recording a video, since it can do it with the phone or with any digital camera without worrying what type of file is going to be generated. It has a capture tool from various sources: DV, HDV, Webcam, etc.

Videos that are analyzed and improved thanks to the incorporation of graphics and comments, can be recorded in MKV, AVI or MP4, preserving the speed in slow motion that has been assigned during editing. It allows to synchronize 2 videos and integrate them, a very useful function when capturing an event from different angles or views. At any time you can save a still image corresponding to the capture of a certain frame that is considered important within a sequence.

Help is available on the official site , which explains all the functions of Kinovea.

Kinovea 0.8.15 is the latest version, which is available in Spanish for download and install at no cost on Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bit). Requires .NET 2.0 Framework.

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