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KidBox Kid Browser

KidBox Kid Browser
KidBox is a web browser designed for children, which controls access to the internet, allowing access to sites, videos and games only suitable and recommended for minors, carefully selected by psychologists and educators, but also can be customized by parents.

KidBox includes other applications aimed at children between 2 and 8 years old who do not necessarily need to know how to read, and who can be useful to teach them to become familiar with technology, have fun playing and interact in virtual worlds, and also participate in videoconferences with family members Or other permitted contacts. A great advantage is that the software has been developed in Latin America, designed for Spanish speaking children, and also has the approval of the kidSafe Seal program, which is responsible for certifying the safety and reliability of your browser for children.

For each user a profile must be created, which will allow to apply an individual configuration and to individually monitor access to sites, YouTube videos, games and movies that the child has seen. The profile manager will be able to add sites and videos to the list of allowed content, will be able to set the security level, and will also be able to determine the maximum time of activity in front of the computer. The child will be able to use only that environment and will not have access to other applications, since to unlock KidBox it will be necessary to enter a password.

The developers of KidBox offer this basic version in Spanish (or Portuguese) to download free (which allows to create up to 5 profiles), but it is expected the release of another version of payment with greater amount of functionalities. It should be noted that this product has received important recognition at the international level, as is the case of Harvard University.

It can be installed on PC, notebook, netbooks and tablets with one of the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and 8.

To install KidBox it is necessary to accept the previous installation of Adobe AIR, since this software requires that application. It is also necessary to create an ACCOUNT for access to the parent panel.

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