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IMVU - Social Game

IMVU - Social Game
IMVU is a game that allows you to interact via chat with other people connected, which share new 3D rooms. Each player has a customizable avatar, having a wide catalog where to select clothes, hairstyles and other accessories, to experiment and create a character.

Each player can create, in addition to his avatar, his own 3D room and decorate it with the different accessories available. Then you can invite other friends to share your room; But in addition to meeting people and chatting, IMVU allows you to have fun and negotiate your own designs and clothing, not just clothing, but also furniture, rooms and other elements of the virtual scenery.

IMVU presents a new concept of chat, different from the traditional one in which only text is exchanged, since it is also possible to perform some virtual actions representative of real expressions, such as hugging, kissing, dancing, and so on. In this aspect it is similar to what can be done in the Second Life game.

There are several communities already created, some very popular, such as Anime, Emo, Fashion, Gothic, Rock, among others. Although this messaging system has not yet become popular in the Hispanic market, and for the moment the majority of users speak English, surely in the short term it will grow and it will be easier to locate people from Spain and Latin America.

The first step is to create an account on the official IMVU site and choose an avatar and a name. Then you can download the application, and enter for free with the created avatar name.

IMVU 486.0 is the latest version, updated in April 2013, of this mix program of messaging and social game that can be downloaded for free. Works with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

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