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How to know if I can upgrade to Windows 8

 How to know if I can upgrade to Windows 8
Before upgrading to Windows 8 it is necessary to know if the PC or notebook is able to install the new version of the Windows operating system.

Microsoft makes available to the user an application that scans the system to check if the installed programs and the different devices are compatible with Windows 8 . Its main objective is that the user can evaluate if he justifies the migration taking into account the elements that he is going to have to deprive himself, or if he stays with Windows 7, Vista or XP until he does not make hardware and peripheral changes, or Until your favorite applications do not have versions for Windows 8.

This wizard to upgrade to Windows 8 is very simple, it runs and after a few minutes of analysis you will be able to get a report that details the amount of compatible items and the amount of items that are to be checked. Clicking on "see details of compatibility" will be able to know each case in detail.

In the report obtained you can know if programs, drivers, peripherals (mouse, webcam, printer, scanner, etc.) are left are supported by Windows 8. In case of the most popular antivirus and most popular applications have already Added support for the new system, but there are still several developers who have not updated their products.

The report raises some other issues, such as that the safe boot is not compatible with your PC, or that you will need to install an application to play DVDs in Windows 8.

In a second step, the application wizard prompts the user to select the items they want to keep, so that they know which edition of Windows 8 will be most convenient for them. In the case of Windows 7, you can choose: "personal files, applications and configurations of Windows", by "personal files only" or by any of the 2 options above. An important aspect to consider is the difference between the operating system that is currently available, since if it is Windows 7, they will be able to maintain the current applications and configurations, whereas if it is a previous system (Vista, XP) will have to reinstall the applications after the operating system is updated.

Finally, you have the possibility to save the report and to execute it at another time, or to already request the purchase of the product (about 40 dollars or 30 euros).

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