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Hamster Women's Calendar

Hamster Women's Calendar
Hamster announces a new product: the calendar for women, a program that serves to keep track of menstrual periods (or rules), in order to remember which are the days of greatest fertility in case of planning a pregnancy, or less Fertile in case you try to avoid it.

The application is responsible for showing the days of the cycle aligned and calculate the periods most conducive to conception, avoiding having to remember them or annotating them in an almanac, having this data with easy access from the desktop.

The application allows you to enter records related to previous cycles, and at the beginning requires at least the start date of the last period and the duration of the cycle, in order to know the date of the next ovulation. The almanac is shown with the days differentiated in colors, allowing to reach a better understanding and interpretation. The colors allow to differentiate the following concepts: menstruation, low fertility, non fertile days, better day to conceive, ovulation, etcetera.

Along with the calendar, you can access various complementary data and statistics, such as: the possible date of birth of the baby from the possible dates of greater fertility. You can also configure the application and set the goal sought, either to avoid pregnancy, to conceive a child (regardless of gender), to conceive a girl, or a child.

The application can also be used as a regular calendar, ideal for annotating important dates and events or appointments that you want to enter and schedule to be remembered as the date approaches.

Hamster Free Woman Calendar 1.0.10 is the latest version of this software that is available free of charge, in Spanish, to install in Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

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