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Funny Photo Maker to create photo montages

Funny Photo Maker to create photo montages
Funny Photo Maker is a program that allows you to create photo montages to which you can apply funny special effects. It presents some default templates that can be applied easily and quickly, either to frame the photos, overlap them and combine them with other images.

This graphic editor allows you to decorate personal photos through backgrounds that can be selected to modify the original scene, for example: a photo is chosen in which a person appears and is placed in front of another image, to simulate that is in Another place, be it a beach, a building or historical monument, etc.

Another effect available in this application is to simulate a three-dimensional art gallery where works or paintings are replaced by a set of personal images. A variation of this effect allows to include personal photos in posters or posters located on the public thoroughfare. You can also place a person's face on a dollar bill, on the cover of a magazine, or in other contexts. Images that result from applying these effects can be published directly on Facebook or other social networks.

The comfort and ease that it means to the user to create photomontages without having knowledge of graphic edition, does not imply that in addition they can be customized and elaborate a little more the photographs; For them some basic operations are available to shrink the photos, to rotate them, to cut them, etc.

The templates are categorized into four groups: Frames, art, collages and fun faces (Face Fun). After selecting the desired template, and applying the effects that are deemed convenient, you must press the "Output" button to preview the result; In case you agree you can adjust your size and choose the format and output quality.

Funny Photo Maker 2.4.1 is the latest version, available for free download and install on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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