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Free Download Trillian 5.5

Free Download Trillian 5.5
Trillian is a very useful application that allows to manage several chat programs like Skype, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, AIM, ICQ and IRC, among others. In addition to the convenience of having a multi-network client, it is also highlighted that it offers functionalities that are not provided by some of the clients mentioned, such as the possibility of establishing multiple simultaneous connections in the same network, and the possibility of hiding the IP through proxy. It also gives greater security to programs like ICQ since it encrypts the conversations.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, Trillian offers above all the convenience of managing, in the same interface of the application, the chat and history of conversations made with all contacts, avoiding the need to open several applications and several browser windows Web.

Trillian Astra has support for SMS, and for social networks, supporting the most popular, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace. It also allows you to manage IMAP or POP3 email accounts, offering an anti-spam filter control.

The new version 2014 introduces the integration with Skype, the well-known videoconferencing program that can now be opened and managed from Trillian, along with other messaging applications and social networks. Another novelty is the availability of a plugin that allows integrating this communication tool in various online type games, so that players can chat.

Trillian Astra 5.5 ( is the latest version (updated in August 2014), which adds functions of its Pro version, now free. We offer the Trillian version for Windows, but on its official site you can access this application for platforms used on mobile devices (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone) and for Mac.

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