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Free Download Spybot - Search & Destroy

Free Download Spybot - Search & Destroy
Spybot - Search & Destroy (Search and Destroy) detects and removes a variety of adware and spyware that many antivirus detected. Some common detection cases are: New toolbars in Internet Explorer or other browsers that were not installed by the user; If the browser crashes often or if the browser's home page suddenly changed, there may be some symptoms that may have been infected with some sort of spyware . There are other spies that are silent and not noticed, but intend to obtain information from the user: where he sailed, his preferences, and so on; For marketing purposes, but also with much more dangerous intentions in other cases.

Spybot detects BDE Projector, Radiate, Aureate, Bonzi Buddy, Cydoor, DSSAgent, SaveNow, Gator, WebHancer, WarningBar, Alexa, Doubleclick, Gator, Hotbar, SurfPlus and Web3000, among others.

It is highly recommended to use this software periodically to analyze all the files since it is a good complement to the antivirus and the firewall. It also has a real-time protection tool (Immunization) in charge of blocking possible infections. It is recommended that you run the Update option every time you want to scan the system because the application does not offer an automatic update of the virus database.

Spybot 2 is the new generation of this popular antispyware, which has been testing for some time, adding many new features and new tools to its classic cleaner and immunizer. To the basic tools present in the previous edition is added a new section: Advanced Tools, which adds several advanced configuration options and adds the following tools: Rootkit San, which scans the system for rootkits; Secure Shredder to permanently delete files and traces of navigation that do not want to be left on the PC; System Repair to repair system inputs; Startup Tools, a tool similar to the previous one but for advanced users.

The other new section, called Professional Tools, is not enabled in the free edition and is activated if you purchase the paid version. The following list published on the official Spybot site details the differences between the Free, Home and Professional editions. In case you opt for this free edition, the creators of the software request a voluntary donation.

The new version 2014 replaces Spybot 1.6.2, which will continue to provide support, but it is advisable to install the latter, the 2.4.40. It remains free and is compatible with Windows 8.1, 8, Vista, XP and 7. The immunizing tool works with Firefox, Chrome, IE and Opera.

File Size: 38 mb.

Download version 2.4 

Download version 1.6.2

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