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Free Download Sopcast latest version 3.8.3

Free Download Sopcast latest version 3.8.3
SopCast is a program that allows access to streaming audio and video, with the possibility to watch TV or listen to Internet radio. You can select from hundreds of television channels around the world, including sports, and you can also find news channels and various other categories. It supports the transmission of up to 10 simultaneous channels.

Sopcast uses the SoP  protocol, and it is possible to access from any browser to addresses that start with "sop: //" to go to run this application in the corresponding channel.

With Sopcast it is possible to record the programs that are broadcast, so that later they can be seen in any video player. In turn, this application allows you to open any streaming through your favorite external player.

Sopcast is based on P2P technology (the one used by Emule for example) and allows to broadcast without the need to have a server, or a large bandwidth, and can create a channel or a radio to transmit over the Internet . Some of the supported formats are: wmv, rm, asf, mp3 and rmvb, among others.

It is noteworthy that it is very easy to use, it consumes very few resources, and also has the great advantage of not having to install it, it runs directly and therefore does not write to the Windows registry, and reaches to uninstall it with Delete the folder.

The latest version, Sopcast 3.8.3, was updated in June 2013, and is available in Spanish for both Windows (Windows 7, Vista, XP) and Linux and Mac OS X; And now also will be able to watch TV on Android thanks to the release of the mobile version of this application.

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