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Free call to landlines with VoipCheap

Free call to landlines with VoipCheap
VoipCheap is a program that allows you to make calls to landlines and mobiles from your PC, Mac or from a telephone, with the advantage that you can call landlines from several countries (Spain, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Germany and About 30 more countries) and also to cell phones of the United States and Canada.

The user can call any other country, having affordable rates, and can also send text messages (SMS) to any destination. The cost per minute for each country can be consulted prior to establishing the conversation, and if it is not a free destination (or exceeding the number of free minutes) it will be necessary to use credits.

To start using this service it is necessary to register and obtain a user, with which it will be able to enter next to a password. At the beginning, a limited number of test calls are offered, and once consumed, the user is asked for an initial charge that can be spent on calls, and that enables the use of the service for a while.

It is possible to communicate directly with other VoipCheap users, for example from a PC to a telephone (with the application installed). Like other applications of this type a list of contacts is available, and a state associated to each one of them that allows to determine if it is connected and available to talk.

The VoipCheap edition for phones is an application called MobileVOIP, which can be installed on any of the following platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone. If you have a WiFi connection, free VOIP calls can be made to several destinations, and cheaper calls than Skype to other countries. The conversations between users that have the application installed are always free, regardless of the country where the recipient is.

VoipCheap 4.07 is the latest version for Windows, while it can also be downloaded to install on Mac OS X, or on any of the above mentioned mobile platforms.

Download for other platforms (Mac & Mobile platforms)

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