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Free Alarm Clock

Free Alarm Clock
Free Alarm Clock is a program that is used to program event reminder alerts, which can be scheduled to alert the user through a message and an alarm.

While this type of application is common to have on the mobile phone, it can also be useful to install on the PC, in addition to providing a floating clock on the desktop, more colorful, spacious and functional than the Windows bar.

The application is easy to use, with a simple interface and in Spanish. When creating an event to schedule, the corresponding time must be assigned, with the option to repeat for more than one day, for example, that the alarm be activated every Monday, or every working day. It is possible to assign a message to be displayed on the screen, and assign a predetermined sound, or select an audio file (mp3, wma or other formats) to play a certain song, for a time establish). You can assign a different sound to each programmed alarm.

Another function that can be assigned, and that serves mainly when it is used as an alarm clock, is the one of "snooze", to re-activate the alarm after a few minutes, if it has not been deactivated. You can also tell the program to turn on the monitor and the computer when they are in hibernate or suspended state . In case the volume of the system is disabled or low, it can also be indicated that the alarm sounds at the maximum at that time or that it sounds at a certain percentage of the maximum volume.

Free Alarm Clock is a simple and simple application, which is also portable, which correctly fulfills its alarm clock function. If you are looking for more complete software for task management, birthday or meeting reminders, and other more advanced functions, you can choose TimeLeft, Rainlendar, Pnotes or some others that we offer to download.

Free Alarm Clock 3.0 is the latest version, available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) for free. Being a portable version, it simply decompresses and runs, with no need for installation.

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