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Dspeech to convert text to audio

Dspeech to convert text to audio
DSpeech is a program that allows you to convert text to audio, in such a way as to obtain the reading of documents or phrases that are entered. While it is optimized for English language operation, it is possible to load vocals in Spanish.

The application supports several different voices during a reading, so you can simulate dialogues between more than one person. In turn, it includes a system of recognition and interpretation of the human voice, which allows to establish a dialogue with the user, but this function is not trivial since it requires a control through scripts.

Another interesting feature that ofece DSpeech is the change in tone or volume, as well as the speed of speech and frequency, which is useful when you want to achieve not so monotonous as that done by default the application reading, With the possibility of establishing pauses and highlighting certain words or expressions. Labels are available that should be placed in the parts of the text where it is desired to produce those effects.

This software has support for voice engines of type SAPI5 and SAPI4. On the official site, in the "Where find the Voices" section you can download the voices in Spanish. It also supports the voices of Loquendo.

The audio can be directly played, or you can record and listen in any audio program, with the possibility of choosing one of the following audio formats: MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG or AAC.

Although this program does not offer all the functions and quality of some non-free software, such as SodelsCot or TextAloud, it is worth noting that it is able to perform in an acceptable manner with its purpose; And although the pronunciation in Spanish is not the best, it can be understood. It can be very useful to enter texts in English, in case you want to hear the correct pronunciation, in order to learn the language.

DSpeech 1.57.1 is the latest version (updated July 2013), being available for free download and use in Windows. It is a portable application, therefore it does not require installation.

To convert Spanish to the menu and buttons of the program, you need to download this file, unzip it, and copy the spanish.lng file to the same folder where the Dspeech executable (.exe) is located. Then from the menu it will be possible to change the language.

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