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Download ZenKEY free

Download ZenKEY free
ZenKEY is a program that allows you to create shortcuts (shortcuts) to run applications or to order shares through a combination of keys, possibly alternated with using the mouse.

For example, you can open an application by pressing a key (or more than one key simultaneously). To program an action it is necessary to define the association between the program to open and the key that does it, in the application panel.

Through ZenKEY you can directly access a particular folder, because it is often tedious to access through the Windows browser to a folder that is accessed very frequently, especially when you have to advance several levels. In this case you can define a key, for example F7, to open the browser and go to that route. You can do the same for a web address, to open the browser and load that page.

Other possible uses of this application: maximize or minimize a window, control multimedia applications (for example Winamp) to decrease the volume, to advance of subject and other functions.

The interface is intuitive and has a wizard that serves as a guide to make it easier to configure, so you can any shortcut easily.

ZenKEY 2.5.2 is the latest version of this program, updated in February 2013. It is free and can be installed on any version of Windows.

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