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Download Zello for Windows

Download Zello for Windows
Zello ( previously known as Loudtalks) is a program that simulates a walkie-talkie communication, allowing to establish voice conversations with other users of the contact list, following a protocol that consists of speaking in shifts, having to press a button to speak and Release it to listen to the interlocutors.

Zello allows you to create conversation channels of up to 100 simultaneous contacts, so it can be very useful for conferences or remote classes. You can add contacts by your Loudtalks user or by email (they must be registered and have installed the application).

Another interesting feature is that the conversations are stored in a history that can be accessed at any time through a shortcut.

The application weighs only 2 MB and takes up very few resources. That makes it ideal for use as a means of communication when running other applications or when playing online. It has to be taken into account that, in addition to being light, it allows to obtain good quality of sound in the transmissions, and that is a very fast means of communication.

This version for PC works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8, but there are other versions for mobile phones (Android, iOS and BlackBerry) that allow to use the device as a true walkie talkie, either via 3G or WiFi.

Zello 1.33 is the latest update (published June 2013) of its free edition Lite.

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