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Download yWriter
YWriter is a word processor designed for writers since it allows organizing a novel in chapters and scenes, with the help of specific tools of great utility for the project.

When creating a project it is possible to define a set of chapters that are associated with a name and a description. As long as the novel is written, new intermediate chapters can be added, their order changed, and so on.

You can also register characters and locations, with a description of them. When defining a chapter, you can associate characters and locations to it, which serve as a summary or reference for the writer. You can also add notes or comments that may serve as a query to the novelist when you resume the writing of that chapter.

The chapters can be organized in scenes , to which you can define some optional features, such as the degree of relevance within the chapter, whether it is a draft or what edition number it carries, the genre, start date And of end, et cetera.

The main objective of this software is to facilitate non-linear writing, and that you can go back and forth, having references and notes that help you to remember ideas and to locate scenes faster. It is possible to generate summaries and graphic schemes.

The editor itself is similar to others, with the ability to mark text in bold, italic, and several more options; And can be saved in RTF format, which can be opened by other editors, such as Word. It can also be saved as plain text (.txt), and then finished the novel format and edit with another processor.

An important tool included in yWriter is the backup, which allows manual backups of the project, but also periodic automatic backups, with the extra possibility of defining an FTP server to send the files if more security is required.

To pass yWriter to Spanish language you must select from the menu: Localise - Choose Language - Castellano (Spanish). A manual is available in Spanish to learn how to use this application.

YWriter is the latest version, updated in October 2012, available for free for Windows.

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