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Download xpy for Windows XP

Download xpy for Windows XP
Xpy is a program that allows you to modify or remove features and services included in Windows XP, for example, to uninstall applications that come with Windows and can not be removed, such as Windows Media Player or Messenger (now Skype).

Another important feature of this application is to block the access of Windows and some of its components, to prevent them from communicating with Microsoft servers. Although some of the information sent is for the purpose of collecting information about bugs and errors that may have the operating system or other applications, there can always be the doubt that it is also for the purpose of "spying" and sending some kind of information.

It also prevents the operating system from looking for software updates permanently, which are often unnecessary and can be annoying.

Xpy, in addition to allowing greater control over Windows, also helps give the operating system more security, since it blocks some services that have holes and can be a gateway to the introduction of some kind of malicious file.

The program is easy to use, but it is advisable to understand each of the options to be selected, therefore it is advisable to be careful when selecting the items to be deleted.

Xpy 1.3.8 is the latest version (updated May 2014), which works for Windows XP, Windows 2000And Windows Server 2003; While, although it can be used with Vista and with Windows 7, there is another similar application for those operating system, created by the same authors, called Vispa.

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